Edith  Deleon Guerrero

Edith  Deleon Guerrero


Democrat, Third Senatorial District

Phone: (670) 664-8807/9
Fax: N/A

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It has been an honor and great humility these past two years serving YOU the people of our Commonwealth. I offered myself to be your public servant, to represent and protect your interests now and for generations to come. This was not difficult because I truly believe that this is a Government of the people, by the people, for the people. Serving YOU the people should not be with doubt nor mistrust if one is comfortable and certain of one's own honesty, principle, and integrity. I come before you for the remaining two years as your Senator that my honesty, principle, and integrity has not waivered in representing and protecting your interests, not my self interest.

I will continue to introduce and support sound legislations, work collaboratively towards bringing the utmost respect, maturity, and integrity to this 23rd Senate body where we can achieve successes for our respective senatorial districts and for the overall greater good of our great Commonwealth. The policies and legislations created in these legislative chambers will dictate the future and financial stability where YOU the people have placed your utmost trust in us, and it is with your trust bestowed on us that we shall all be expected to give YOU the people the highest level of respect and to make decisions not based on animosity, vengeance, nor politics, but solely on the merits of what is best for You the people of our Commonwealth.

It is my deepest hope and desire with the right and unselfish stewards that one day some day, our Commonwealth will achieve the levels of economic growth, prosperity, and self sustainability where every man, woman, and child can have a better standard of living well above the levels of poverty.




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