Northern Marianas Commonwealth Legislature


Last updated 4/22/2024

Leg. No. Author Title Action Committee Action  


YUMUL, ASC To require all public schools within the CNMI: elementary, middle and high schools to teach at least one full year of the Chamorro and/or Carolinian languages; and for other purposes.  Referred to Comm. on Education   Details
19-02 CALVO, ACH To establish the Youth Community Gardens (YCG) on the islands of Rota, Tinian, and Saipan.  Referred to Comm. on Resources, Economic Dev. & Tourism   Details
19-03 CALVO, ACH To amend 4 CMC § 1402 to increase the excise tax under 4 CMC § 1402(a)(3) to fund Youth Community Gardens.  Referred to Committee on Ways & Means   Details
19-04 YUMUL, ASC To repeal and re-enact the CNMI Youth Congress Act; and for other purposes. Referred to Committee on Judiciary & Governmental Operations   Details
19-05 SABLAN, SMT Requiring Background Checks for Youth Affiliated Sports Administration, Coaches, Trainers, and Instructors; and for other
Referred to Committee on Sports & Recreation   Details


Leg. No. Author Title Action Adoption Date  
19-01 PETER, M.I.B. Adopting the Rules of Procedure for the Nineteenth CNMI Youth Congress.  ADOPTED 04/15/2023 Details
19-02 PETER, M.I.B. To recognize and commend Ms. Jill Anne Mallari of Mount Carmel School on winning the 32nd Annual Altorney General's Cup Speech Competition through her remarkable speech and skills.  ADOPTED 06/17/2023 Details
19-03 YUMUL, ASC Commending Grace Christian Academy for participating and winning the 2023 CNMI Academic Challenge Bowl Competition.  ADOPTED 06/17/2023 Details
19-04 CABRERA, MJB Commending the 19th Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Youth Congress on their first successful youth program, the 2023 Youth Summer Sports Blitz.   ADOPTED as YCR 19-04, D1 08/19/2023 Details


CABRERA, MJB Relative to recognizing the delegates of the Diocese of Chalan Kanoa to the 2023 World Youth Day, held from Aug. 1-6, 2023, in Lisbon, Portugal  ADOPTED 08/19/2023 Details
19-06 YUMUL, ASC To recognize and commend Mr. Kean Pajarillaga of Grace Christian Academy for his record-setting performance in the 9th FINA Junior World Championship in Netayna, Israel. ADOPTED 10/21/2023 Details
19-07 SABLAN, VJQ To recognize and commend Mr. Sebastian Lifoifoi Tajibmai, Jr. of Kagman High School for his outstanding performance during the 2023 Marianas Got Talent.  ADOPTED 01/13/2024 Details
19-08 SABLAN, SMT Congratulating Ms. Andrei Kaithlyn Chavez for winning the Female High School Category three consecutive times in the PSS/NMA All School Cross Country Championships.  ADOPTED 01/13/2024 Details
19-09 SABLAN, SMT Commending Mr. Junseo Kim for winning the 2023 Northern Marianas Congressional Art competition held by the Members of the U.S. House of Representatives.  ADOPTED 01/13/2024 Details


BAYOT, PFG Honoring Marianas High School teacher and former Youth Congress Senator Dr. Roque Castro Indalecio on being named the 2024 CNMI State Teacher of the Year.  ADOPTED 01/13/2024 Details
19-11 YUMUL, ASC Memorializing the Life and Service of the late Ross Hugh Songao Manglona, Resident Executive of the Indigenous Affairs Office, and extending condolences to his family on his passing.  ADOPTED 01/13/2024 Details
19-12 YUMUL, ASC Recognizing, remembering, and paying tribute to the life of the late Honorable Felicidad Leiwamal Taman Ogumoro and her more than 50 years of distinguished public service to the people of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.  ADOPTED 01/13/2024 Details
19-13 PALACIOS, YNRV Recognizing the Tinian Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) Stallion Battalion for their ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship within the tiny community of Tinian.  ADOPTED 02/17/2024 Details
19-14 YUMUL, ASC Recognizing and Congratulating the Grace Christian Academy Middle School Girls Volleyball team for winning the 2023-2024 CNMI Public School System Middle School Girls Volleyball Championship.  ADOPTED 02/17/2024 Details
19-15 SABLAN, SMT Commending Saipan International School on being named to the Advanced Placement Program School Honor Roll with earning a Gold Distinction. ADOPTED 04/20/2024 Details
19-16 SABLAN, SMT Congratulating Ms. Stephanie Kim and Ms. Lisha Lai on being named QuestBridge Scholars and Receiving Full Scholarships to a Four-Year University. ADOPTED 04/20/2024 Details
19-17 SABLAN, SMT Commending Ms. Alleena Villaluz of Saipan International School on winning the title of the 2024 Scripps Regional Spelling Bee for the Pacific Region. ADOPTED 04/20/2024 Details
19-18 CABRERA, MJB Commending Tinian Jr.-Sr. High School & Saipan Southern High School's Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) battalions for their victories in the 2024 CNMI-PSS Interisland Drill Competition. ADOPTED 04/20/2024 Details
19-19 YUMUL, ASC Commending Grace Christian Academy’s MathCourt team for winning their second consecutive CNMI State MathCourt competition. ADOPTED 06/15/2024 Details
19-20 YUMUL, ASC Commending Grace Christian Academy for their participation and for winning their second consecutive CNMI Academic Challenge Bowl Competition. ADOPTED 06/15/2024 Details
19-21 PALACIOS, YNRV Congratulating Ms. Clarize Crystal Paraiso Rodriguez Crystal Paraiso Rodriguez on her acceptance to the University of Chicago with a full ride scholarship through the QuestBridge National College Match Program. ADOPTED 06/15/2024 Details
19-22 PALACIOS, YNRV Congratulating Mr. Jaedon Clyde Lenteja Lenteja on his acceptance to the United States Military Academy Preparatory School at West Point.  ADOPTED 06/15/2024 Details
19-23 PALACIOS, YNRV Commending Mr. Edgard Llanora Acollador, II on his acceptance to the United States Naval Academy Preparatory School ADOPTED 06/15/2024 Details


Leg. No. Author Title Action Adoption Date  
19-01 YUMUL, ASC Remembering the late Honorable Candido “Candy” Babauta Taman for his legacy of Chamorro/Carolinian music and his desire to protect the culture and language of the Marianas   ADOPTED 08/19/2023 Details
19-02 BAYOT, PFG Commending the Marianas High School Dolphin Pride Club on hosting CNMI’s 1st Annual Rainbow Prom. ADOPTED 10/21/2023 Details