Northern Marianas Commonwealth Legislature

Public Laws of the 22nd Commonwealth Legislature:

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Law Number Legislation
Title Date
P.L. 22-01 HB 22-21, HD1 COMMONWEALTH ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY ACT OF 2021 To establish—To strengthen the tools and powers of the CNMI Govt to promote and expand economic development June 7, 2021
P.L. 22-02 SB 22-21, HS1 To repeal and reenact 3 CMC § 1132 to clarify that the State Board of Education has the authority to establish and amend the minimum instructional time for PSS; and for other purposes. June 25, 2021
P.L. 22-03 HB 22-19, HD1 To amend Title 4 Section 1709 of the Commonwealth Code in order to provide relief for working families by making them eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit; and for other purposes. June 28, 2021
P.L. 22-04 SB 22-26, SD1 To amend 1 CMC § 2263 to require a special election to fill a Board of Education vacancy; to clarify when an elected member of the board must resign from his or her PSS employment; to amend 1 CMC § 6502(f); and for other purposes. August 20, 2021
P.L. 22-05 SB 22-29, HD1 To authorize government agencies, boards, and commissions to promulgate regulations to utilize electronic means to participate in official meetings. August 20, 2021
P.L. 22-06 SB 22-40, HD1 To protect the people of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands from Per and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) contamination. August 20, 2021
P.L. 22-07 SB 22-50, HD1 To clarify the NMTI Trustee Nominating Committee provisions by repealing and reenacting 3 CMC § 12114(a); and for other purposes. September 21, 2021