Northern Marianas Commonwealth Legislature

Legislative Bureau

The Legislative Bureau was established by the ratification of the 1985 Constitutional Amendment 10.  This amendment is incorporated as Article 2 Section 17 in the Constitution of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

There is hereby established a legislative bureau in the Northern Marianas Commonwealth Legislature.

a) The bureau shall be headed by a director to be appointed by the joint leadership of the legislature consisting of the presiding officers, vice presiding officers, floor leaders, and the chairmen of the standing committees.

b) The director shall employ all necessary staff, other than personal staff of the members of the legislature, pursuant to budgetary allocations. The staff members shall include legal counsel and other administrative staff.

c) The bureau shall provide all required services to the legislature in connection with duties and responsibilities during sessions and committee meetings. It shall maintain all records, files, library and other documents of the legislature.

d) The director may be removed by a majority of the members of each house of the legislature with or without cause.

e) The bureau shall be free from any political harassment or pressure.

f) [Repealed.]    




P.O. Box 500586 Saipan, MP 96950


Central Staff





Tenorio, Perry John Director 664-8934            322-6840      Email
Besong, Peoris Copier Machine Operator 664-8877 664-8849 Email
Diaz, Jonathan Information Technology Manager 664-8935 664-8849 Email
San Nicolas, Carla Administrative Officer 664-8954 664-8849 Email
Castro, Christine Administrative Assistant 664-8805 664-8849 Email
Kaipat, Frances Delegation Clerk 664-8915 664-8849 Email
Duenas, Lalita Lynn Journal Clerk 664-8915 664-8849 Email
Sablan, Jose Procurement Specialist 664-8878 664-8849 Email
Reyes, Dennis  Assistant Sergeant-at-Arm 664-8999 322-6840 Email
Terlaje, Benjamin Assistant Sergeant-at-Arm 664-8955 322-6840 Email
Demapan, David Fiscal Analyst 664-8953 664-8849 Email
Rabago, Thomas Fiscal Analyst 664-8844 664-8844 Email

 Staff Assigned to House





Muna, Linda House Clerk 664-8848 664-8849 Email
Rosario, Venetia S. Journal Clerk 664-8856 664-8849 Email
Layde, John B. Legal Counsel 664-8847 664-8849 Email
Taijeron, Joseph Legal Counsel 664-8846 664-8849 Email
Sablan, Clarissa Senior Legislative Assistant 664-8958 664-8849 Email
Nicholas, Cameron Legislative Assistant 664-8912 664-8849 Email
Taitano, Jovano Legislative Assistant  664-8828 664-8849 Email
Towai, Pedro Sergeant-At-Arm 664-8999 664-8849 Email

Staff Assigned to Senate





Bermudes, Dolores Senate Clerk  664-8850 664-8849 Email
Borja, Chanele Senate Journal Clerk 664-8917 664-8849 Email
Villagomez, Antonette Senior Legal Counsel 664-8852 664-8849 Email
Bermudes, Jose Legal Counsel 664-8857 664-8849 Email
Duenas-Tagabuel, Jolyn Senior Legislative Assistant 664-8916 664-8849 Email
Blanco, Tiarra Legislative Assistant 664-8936 664-8849 Email
Santos, Juan Sergeant-At-Arm 664-8955 664-8849 Email






Lisua, Simion Librarian 664-8935 664-8849  Email

Youth Congress





Castro, Luis John   Secretary/Coordinator 664-8863 664-8849 Email